IRIS 审核员


<!--[if !supportLists]-->I.     <!--[endif]-->Job Responsibilities

1.      Perform management system audits according to standard requirements and regulatory requirements;

2.      Conduct seminar as assigned;

3.      Bring in potential customer information;

4.      Support sales and marketing activities in technical issues;

5.      Support Certification Management to maintain customer relationship and enhance customer satisfaction;

6.      Perform other duties assigned by Section Manager / Department Manager;

<!--[if !supportLists]-->II.     <!--[endif]-->Job Requirements

1.      Bachelor degree or above;

2.      Minimum 4 years working experience relating to Management Systems in industrial organizations, especially in railway industry;

3.      Experience and knowledge on ISO 9001 / IRIS audit required;

4.      Qualified IRIS audit, and with CCAA registration;

5.      Good understanding and fulfillment to working related targets, standards, policies, procedures and instructions;

6.      Respect and safeguard company’s image, reputation and benefit;

7.      Diligence, self-motivation, self-improvement and strong teamwork spirit;

8.      Good communication and interpersonal skills;

9.      Can work independently and efficiently;  can work under pressure;

10.     Good computer skill;

11.     Good command of English;

12.     Physical condition allows normal working, stable outputs and business trip as required;